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The ultimate guide to Alabama

Alabama is justly famous for its cute country towns and a rich food and music heritage – and you can swing your way through some of the state’s best offerings for visitors with our essential guide. See why Keith Richards calls Muscle Shoals Sound Studio “rock and roll heaven” and visit the legendary studio in Sheffield where countless hits were made. The studio has recently been restored to the glory of its 1970s heyday, making it an essential pitstop for serious music lovers. Nearby you can a

Discover Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama’s largest metropolis has plenty to offer visitors hankering for some Southern charm, civil rights history and a lively dining scene. Birmingham is home to a number of key sights on Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail, and the Birmingham Civil Rights District is now a national monument. The central Kelly Ingram Park became a focal point for demonstrations during the 1960s, with attack dogs and water cannons being used on protestors. Such scenes are vividly recalled by a series of powerful stat

Europe's best train trips - Horizon Guides

With the vast expansion of budget air routes in recent decades, it can be all too easy to forget that Europe’s exemplary rail network stretches out, awaiting discovery. By foregoing soulless airports and stuffy planes and you’ll not only get to relax, see and experience far more of the destinations, culture and people you’ll encounter along the way, but you can often do so in greater comfort than you might expect – all while being mindful of minimising your carbon footprint as you g

LLOYD COLE – Issue 16 – Electronic Sound

Indie crooner turned electronic experimenter talks to us about his long-standing love for electronic music and how the modular workflow has given him a whole new world of sound to explore What happens when successful pop stars withdraw from the spotlight? Do we expect to find them years later patiently sitting in the same little genre box we discovered them in, obediently doling out their hits to their devoted fan base? Despite being a huge admirer of his 80s and 90s work, I rather lost t

How to do a twin-stay in San Francisco and the Napa Valley

If you’re flying all the way to the Golden State of California, you have the perfect opportunity to combine a stay in San Francisco with one of the other gems of the American West – Napa Valley – which promises hazy golden vineyards, fine wines and fantastic cuisine. San Francisco is nothing if not wilfully eccentric. So many of its sights seem so familiar that it’s all too easy to take their quirkiness for granted. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the crazy zigzags of Lombard Street, which other

The best NYC neighbourhoods and hotels to stay in

Deciding where to stay in New York can sometimes be an overwhelming decision. Each neighbourhood has its own unique personality, trends and cultural diversity, and their characters are constantly changing and developing. Here we provide an overview of the best areas in which to stay, including some up-and-coming districts, so you can experience some of the real Big Apple on your next trip. Housing some of the city’s most recognisable skyscrapers, such as the Chrysler Building and the Empire Sta

5 outdoor adventure ideas for thrill-seekers

Madeira’s rugged, mountainous terrain means driving on the island’s roads can be great fun, with hairpin bends and hills at 90-degree gradients, but to really feel the burn you could always opt to go off-road and get behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive. It's an exhilarating way to experience the small island’s coastline, lush greenery and valleys. Test your mettle and drive a 4x4 down muddy dirt tracks and through spongy-floored forests. Madeira has become something of a mecca for trail runn

5 active holiday ideas in sun-drenched Madeira

From golf and walking to cycling and watersports, the island nation of Madeira offers ample opportunity to be out in nature, soaking up warmer temperatures during the cooler months in the UK. Hop on a flight from any one of eight UK airports and in a few hours you could be cycling in the Funchal hills or diving on its glorious coastline. One of the most interesting features of Madeira’s lush landscape are the levadas, a network of narrow water channels that were built in the early 20th

Must-see places in Madeira

Voted ‘Europe’s leading island destination’ for six consecutive years, Madeira has an enchanting mix of rugged landscapes, lush gardens, warm weather, wine and culture galore. It’s also easy to get to - you can fly from eight major UK airports with and Jet2holidays, securing a package with a deposit of just £60, and find yourself in beautiful subtropical climes in no time at all. Once you arrive, here are five of the most beautiful places to visit. Taking its name from the small, well

Why you should consider a family holiday to Madeira

Thanks to its location on migratory routes in the North Atlantic, Madeira is blessed with a great variety of marine wildlife you can spot on a boat tour. Year-round residents here include mighty sperm whales, up to 16m long weighing up to 40 tonnes, and energetic bottlenose dolphins. Also residing in these waters are the less commonly seen Atlantic spotted dolphins, which love to leap into the air and put on a show.

Why Germany is the best European country to see by train

Thinking about an InterRail trip this year? We asked travel writer and rail expert Jools Stone to tell us about his favourite European rail destination… For years InterRail cornered the market in summer youth travel, with a grand tour being an essential rite of passage for many a backpacker. These days a pass doesn’t pack as much punch for the pocket, but don’t write off Europe just yet. Instead of going hell-for-leather trying to tick off as much of as many countries as you can in a fortnight..

Where to go for a very hygge Christmas in Scandinavia

Since Denmark is the ancestral home of hygge, it’s no surprise that Copenhagen indulges itself at Christmas. There’s an impressive variety of Christmas markets, including one held in the Carlsberg Factory and another in the world-famous amusement park Tivoli Gardens, which is decked out with extravagant festive lighting. The market on Højbro Plads square features classic log cabins, German barbecue and even “secret pixies”; or, if you are after a more designer vibe for your stocking fillers, ch

Christmas markets and more in Gothenburg

Few Scandi cities feel quite as festive as Gothenburg, and the Swedish city really pushes the sleigh out when it comes to Christmas markets, with a great selection of traditional (check out Kronhusjul) and design-led markets (such as the likes of Röda Sten Konsthall and the Academy of Design and Crafts) to make the most of, alongside a host of other fun seasonal events to warm your cockles. Top of your list should be the extravaganza that is Christmas at Liseberg. Sweden’s biggest Christmas market...
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